All content is supposed to be a mirror image (or should I say all blues played are supposed to look lavender?) of what’s being composed behind the nerves that stimulate my finger muscles to type. But unfortunately, poor grammar skills restrict the ability to form rich sentences for my readers.

Born and brought up in the land of Charminar and Golconda fort. No, Mr. Ramoji’s film city and Mr. Chandrababu’s hi-tech city wouldn’t affect my life in anyway, except the latter area having heavy road traffic! I begin my average day with a cup of chai and a pair of osmania biscuits. Sunrise is definitely not my definition for a morning.  A well planned day would begin at 8 am or 4 am sometimes.

Blogging is not my hobbie at all! But I think the world needs a lot of places and spaces to find a few words from introverts like me.

Initially, I thought I should use this space to reflect my spiritual thoughts but because I forgot my password for my personal blog, I’m making it a mix of both my personal and social thoughts as well. I hope you find something thought provocative at this place!

Reading signs: I hate to hear all the words that are typed in bold and I love those in italics.

Please feel free to find the Menu at the top right corner of this webpage. I keep posting new ones titled ‘Musings’ with a ‘numeric’ in ascending order. The highest number would be the latest. You can even subscribe for updates to be notified by email. Thank you!


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