Notes from The Grand Weaver by Ravi Zacharias

A skeptic writes:

“Why has God made it so difficult to believe in him? If I loved somebody and had infinite power, I would use that power to show myself more obviously. Why has God made it difficult to see his presence and his plan?”

Theologians refer to this as "the hiddenness of God".

It is really hard to believe in an unseen God. I literally thought how easy it would have been for Adam and Eve. But Ravi writes that “the question itself hasn’t been carefully thought through. It turns out that when you are all- powerful, someone will always demand that you demonstrate the fact”.

Cynicism or Climax?

“Does a sudden disappointment or unexpected event shatter everything else we believed? Is this disappointment a marker before the turn, or is it the end of the road for us? Carrying the question further-is the end of life the most awesome thing we will ever encounter, or is it a long day’s journey into the night? More and More, when something terrible happens, we declare, “That’s life!” – as though disappointment and heartache declare the sum total of this existence”.

I was travelling on a train while I was reading these first pages of the book. I was taking minute but many breaks to think about these lines. Looking out through the window, as the fields and trees appear to be moving back, I was recalling some memories of my past years. If anything bad used to happen to someone, as friends, I remember we used to use these words “That’s life!”. It is to mean that life is  only full of troubles and one needs to get going to live it further.


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