A study on Philippians, a part of my 40ditw

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  • Paul and Timotheus are writing to the believers at Philippi.
  • Paul addresses himself as a “s e r v a n t” of Jesus Christ and he addresses the believers as “s a i n t s”.
  • I think the words “servants” and “saints” are to be considered here. Servant is the one who serves and saint is who can be called so because his/her life is said to be a holy one.
  • Paul humbles himself as a “servant” before the believers of the church at Philippi.
  • Whenever Paul prays for these Philippians, he thanks God for them, requesting a fellowship in the gospel with them.
  • Whenever I feel bored at my house, I try to meet my friends and go for a cup of typical hyderabadi irani chai, we watch a movie at the cinemas, visit McDonald’s for a meal, talk for sometime and then go back home.
  • As friends, we are able to do these things because we share similar interests.
  • So we try to have fellowship in the chai, movies, burger meals and the talks.
  • Paul is making a statement here that he is making a request unto God for their fellowship “in the g o s p e l”. It is very uncommon for us to imagine this kind of an interest Paul speaks of.
  • I think I have to try this way of having fellowship in the gospel with my friends.
  • And I know I can be of certain that God had started his work of salvation in me, unto perfection into the likeness of Christ. And God will perform this work in me until the day of Jesus Christ.

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