Re-quoting from Ravi Zacharias’ article published by RZIM on their blog:

“Years ago, Senator Jeremiah Denton, a one-time Vietnam POW, wrote of the crucifixion of Jesus from Mary’s perspective as she watched in horror:

Her face shows grief but not despair,
Her head, though bowed, had faith to spare.
And even now she could suppose
His thorns would somehow yield a rose.
Her life with Him was full of signs
That God writes straight with crooked lines.
Dark clouds can hide the rising sun
And all seem lost, when all is won!”
I really liked these lines:
“Dark clouds can hide the rising sun
And all seem lost, when all is won!”.
I’ve been going through bad rains these days. One day, I dropped my phone in the water. And the next day, my mom asked me to bring chicken from the shop.
I went there by bike, bought the chicken, kick started the bike and on the way home, the vehicle ran out of fuel. I had to park it in a safe place, walk home, handover the chicken and crank the car key to get fuel from a nearby station.
 I carried an empty bottle, got it filled and drove back home. After parking the car, I walked back to the bike and then, I realised I forgot to bring the bike key with me. I left the key in the car. I walked back home, took the key and walked again to the bike. Opened the fuel tank, emptied the bottle into the tank and in the process of locking the fuel cap, the key got stuck, I struggled for around 20 minutes to release the key from the fuel cap. By this time, the every pedestrian who passed by me had already imagined me as a thief trying to steal a parked bike. Adding to this, two old men were quarreling there and that gave me more attention from the passers. I wanted to call my friend Johnson for help but I lost my phone the other day. Also, before mom asked me to fetch chicken, he just left to his home because he wanted to study while enjoying the cricket match that was being broadcasted live that day. And I didn’t want to disturb his time.
After some minutes of struggle, the key somehow got released and I was able to drive back home.
The next night, me and my friend Johnson thought of going out to have a cup of chai at our regular place. It’s a typical Hyderabadi hotel that sells more cups of chai in an hour than any average senior cricketer makes runs in his entire five day match. It was already 23:40 but we still wanted to go because we need some caffeine to keep us awake for the next couple of hours until the day breaks.
We reached the hotel, had hot Hyderabadi chai and just as we started riding, we felt a shake on the rearer part of the bike. As I breaked any forward movement, Johnson got down to check if the tires are fine, the rear tire was flat. We pushed the bike a few metres ahead until we found a guy who fixes tires. We got to know that he needs to change the tube inside the tire. So he gave us a price quote for that and we both discussed on that and fixed another price which was a bit lower than the ones he gave us. Both sides agreed and got the tire fixed, drove back home, reached at 1:30 in the midnight.
edit at 04:14 am 31st of October, 2016 :
03:20 am today, I was taking my car out of the house and I couldn’t see another car parked on the road, I was reversing my car and the right side of the rear bumper had hit the car that was parked. I head the dashing noise and I could see the dent on the other car. My bumper had broken. But I still thank God for whatever happened today!
edit ends here.
It was hard to go through these three hard events within a span of ten days. But I know God was testing me for a greater cause. Something inside me was shouting out of that happiness that the harder the test, the greater the result of passing through it! I recollected these events as I was reading those lines: “Dark clouds can hide the rising sun”. But I know the sunrise would be so gloriously bright than the darkness during the clouds!

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