Welcome to The University of Narrow Mindedness!


Ludwig was born to two average University professors. He was brought up in the campus surroundings as his both parents lived in the Professors’ dormitory. Ludwig’s childhood years are full of intense academic training as a result of being a long time resident there. All the fragrances from each department of the University were very profoundly imparted in to his life.

The University had it’s own school to accommodate the academic needs of  Professors’ children living there. Poor Ludwig had to strive out of his abilities to stand as that one in his class as the Professors’ children are always expected to meet the standards the lecturers expect their students to live by. The teachers at school would not spare a single chance for him to escape his homework. Everyday is a marathon for Ludwig to reach the goal set by his teachers. As a grown up man, whenever he looked back into these past years, Ludwig regrets all the efforts that he made to satisfy his parents, teachers, lecturers and professors. All his education was completed in the same University where his parents still continue to work….



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