Musings #3

6th of November 2016, 11:54

Pondering over a few things that I need to prepare for an audio class, I was writing down my notes so that I wouldn’t forget what must be taught and at the same time what shouldn’t be. Since it’s for a church team, I decided to sense a glimpse from the Creator’s perspective of viewing technology and it’s optimised usage for accomplishing tasks that fulfill a handful of prerequisites towards the Great Commission.

And these thoughts came into my mind while thinking how to start my class:

Looking back to Genesis even before God created Adam & Eve, He created nature. The Sun, Moon, Earth, Planets, Light, Water, Trees, Plants, Fruits, Animals, etc. And then God created man and woman. He made everything ready for them to live this life, to look at all creation that existed before these first humans and to meditate His works and to find their purpose of existence; to glorify His name.

In the midst of all this creation mystery, I could sense God’s heart of service towards mankind. God made everything ready for man to live life to the complete sense. Even before the creation was about to fulfill the very purpose of it’s existence, the Creator made sure there existed a diverse atmosphere where the creation would find a meaning in this birth of diversity. I think we as church volunteers need to have this heart of service towards making things work easier even before the time of requirement. We need to equip the church with the technology without any distractions towards the Church finding it’s way to glorifying the Creator. That’s it for today, Church!

Have a blessed time, readers! 🙂


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