Musings #5

0920 heures 9 Novembre 2016

I was one of the attendees at the Purpose Driven Conference presented by Calvary Temple Hyderabad. Pastor Rick Warren was delivering his message on a subject entitled “the purpose driven church and how you build one”. He was just embarking an outline of how a pastor has to find his identity in Christ so that the Church would be built for Christ and not for any human personality. And just before this journey was about to take on full speeds, he shot a question and paused for everyone to ponder. Half a minute of absolute silence! The tips of the pens braked! All heads turned up towards the dias! “Do you want to do it for God’s purpose alone or do you want to do it for your own fame? You only have one choice, decide and answer yourself now”.

As he continued to explain how fame exists only for a few years and fades away with time, I could recollect a few pop stars, Indian politicians and how they were popular throughout the world but as years passed by, the names became dedicated only to a few pages on Wikipedia. I may be popular among a handful of people during a period of time. And then they may forget me, I may die, they may die.

I drove home that evening, had a light dinner, rested and woke up the next morning only to hear Johnson give me the news “the 500 rupee and the 1000 rupee bills don’t work anymore, the government had passed a new decree yesterday. Do you have any 10 rupee or 100 rupee bills for our chai and breakfast?” I was shocked to hear the news! I was not aware of it, I was carrying only a 500 rupee bill in my wallet. People everywhere were discussing the same. The headlines creeped on to the front page of every newspaper, every news channel and people were rushing to petrol bunks as that’s the only place where they can buy something with those bills. The prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi made a statement that all these bills are only a mere piece of paper from that day. And as I’m pondering over the transformation of a currency bill into a mere piece of paper that’s going to find it’s place in a waste recycling unit, I was able to connect all these incidents with the word I heard at the conference. Fame, name, money, material things only exist for that moment. A generation may remember me for what I have become but the succeeding wouldn’t even remember my works. I could now realise the truth to the fullest, that Pastor Rick concluded “the only thing that lasts forever is the Church, the bride of Christ!”

Dear readers, let’s take a moment of solitude from things around us and have our eyes open looking at the world and ask God to help us live this earthly life as a preparation phase for the eternal, that life when we will witness the greatest and eternal romance, the Church being wedded to Christ!


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