Musings #10

Production Sermons #1

“Church Volunteer” is the modern term for the old fashioned “God’s servant”. Full time volunteers, part time volunteers, the terms are getting broader each day and the purpose of the volunteer narrow and restricted in definition.

Production teams, Worship teams, Ushering teams, Communion teams, Prayer teams, Pastoral teams, Admin teams; the definitions of these terms restrict the purpose of the volunteer to a specific role but enlarge the job in an efficient way. Some churches even have rules for each team. A member of the worship team cannot be a part of the production team, a member of the ushering cannot be a part of the communion team. The roles are very much specific and repetitive for most of the time. New members in the team are pretty much excited, rooted members aren’t much. The same job to do every time, with improved performance in demand by the team leaders.

As Matthew tells us that Jesus’s first words of his ministry were “Repent! for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” and even John preached the same line “Repent! for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”.Matthew goes on to tell us in his chapter 10, that as Jesus finished anointing the 12 disciples, he tells them to proclaim, “Repent! for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”. The role, job of John, Jesus and Jesus’ disciples in this context is pretty much the same; to preach “Repent! for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”. The line is very repetitive! So is the job! Just a shift of the text from one man to other- from John to Jesus to the disciples to us! The role of the job may differ with the situations around us!

We as church volunteers get bored of doing the same thing, same time at the same place. The jobs assigned are very very very repetitive. It burns us out! But we ought to recognise the necessity to repeat the same thing, as somewhere in the crowd, someone needs the same song at that time, at the same volume, in the same sound mix, with the same lights, in the same seat! That someone needs that moment, as much as you and me need God, and as much as God loves you and me!

WE ought volunteer not to be volunteers but to serve, with an attitude of a serving servant, need to push and encourage ourselves each day to be servants of God! To win a soul!


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