Letting Go!

Hey Goldy!

six years it had been, the love we nurtured till this moment!

It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocius.

The birth of it; oh how it shaped our lives and twisted our emotions day by day! We got roller coaster rides with it! We learn’t how hard it is to build love, to trust, to forgive, to apologize!

It wasn’t that easy for me to forget you for a moment! And I know it wasn’t that easy for you too to accept me as I am every time I revealed my self!

Above all, you taught me how jealousy exists in a relation, what it means to not to care, what love without being self-ish means, to not to take anyone for granted!

The wine of your love will always be on my tongue, no matter how many moons I live and how many suns I lived! Our story isn’t just a memory that I’ll recollect every year, but it will be a coronation of our love: The love we rowed all through the stormy seas and the windy deserts!

I honour you!


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